Managing Energy in Jakarta, the city of the shopping centre.

Human need for energy is an absolute willingness, especially in the modern era like today that rely on technological life. Technological advancements lead to dependence on the supply of sufficient energy, particularly in the form of electrical energy. Numerous recent studies suggest that the rate of electricity consumption Indonesia continues to increase. It is directly proportional to the increase in economic growth and population growth. Demand for electricity is expected to increase in the long run according to the rate of speed of both these factors. On the other hand, the increase in electricity consumption pose dilemma for the government to provide guarantees of availability. Energy is one of the important components in the construction activities. With the increasing acceleration of development today, population growth and increasing living standards caused the rate of energy consumption is increasing as well. Without doing business save energy, will result in depletion of energy in a relatively short time and the impact of a sustainable development can not be realized.

Energy use in Indonesia can be categorized into industry sectors household commercial buildings and transportation. Energy use in the industrial and commercial buildings is quite high compared to the others so that the need to focus on energy conservation. The growing economy with more and more establishments recorded a commercial building because it specifically for commercial buildings need to be energy conservation measures before and after the construction of commercial buildings.

     Indonesia,especially Jakarta, is a city of malls and shopping centers. Energy management is more of an issue that should be realized due to too much waste of energy occurs in a mall. Please count when added up all the malls in jakarta, how much energy that has already wasted?

but in contrast, the mall is still the most important means of entertainment for the people of the city to unwind routines. still have a long way for the government to conduct audits and energy management in the industrial sector shopping center, but it is not impossible as long as there intentions and hard work.


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