Clean coal technology in Indonesia *IMHO*

The Availability of energy to meet the needs turned out to have an impact on the exploration of the natural resources that can be used for fuel. After the issue of the depletion of oil reserves, coal fossil fuels become an option to be explored. However, the use of coal as fuel sparked controversy about the environmental impact caused by the closely related carbon emissions, SOx and NOx. It has been issued on coal production from upstream to downstream. Clean coal technology  is the use of coal fuel technology that considers the impact of emissions on the environment. Clean coal technology can be applied at the time, before, or after the combustion takes place. One technology that even negate the burning of coal is the coal liquefaction with biotechnology.

Nowadays, There are many research publications on the conversion of coal to biotechnology. In theory, biotechnology should be developed as an efficient way to clean coal technologies that will produce the equivalent of oil and diesel fuel, but with minimal environmental impact (including researches done by BPPT, and others).  Indonesia have done so many researches about it. However, the application of biotechnology is still the last alternatives in the plan development of clean coal technology in Indonesia, caused by the weakness of legal tools so does less of public and government awareness of sustainable energy. But in my humble opinion, we are who decide to be or not to be, to choose from the options.

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